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Docuguard® Loss Prevention

Increasingly business owners are waking up to the high cost of receipt fraud. Docuguard solutions help protect your business from such fraudulent activity. Maximize your loss prevention programs with Docuguard receipt rolls from PSI. Reduce forging, counterfeiting, and fraudulent returns with one or more of the following solutions.

  • Ultra-violet inks visible only under black lights
  • Thermo chromic inks that are heat sensitive
  • Coin reactive varnishes that are invisible to the eye
  • Color changing inks that cannot be reproduced
  • Front to back print registration of images
  • We seal all security products with our Docuguard security tape to deter tampering of shipping containers.

To find out more about the Docuguard solutions, click here for our Printed Product Specification form or contact your PSI sales rep.