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About Us

Paper Systems is unique in that we

  • accept single case orders for any of the 500+ items we inventory
  • run custom orders with only a 5 case minimum
  • use “tray packing” so customers can store rolls stacked on top of each other,and keep unused rolls clean and damage free.

PSI continually looks for ways to provide special items and features for our customers. That’s why we


  • manufacture rolls in special sizes
  • offer choices in grades of paper
  • provide case packs
  • have a selection of packaging options.

When we began, we only produced plain unprinted rolls. But as customer requests changed to include logo and/or return policies printed on the rolls, we changed to accomodate by expanding our processes to include custom 4-color offset and flexographic printing. Today, we even offer inks that deter counterfeiting to assist our customer’s with their loss prevention programs.

PSI has also expanded into other business machine related products such as ink & thermal transfer ribbons, fan fold, thermal transfer labels & copy paper. And most recently, we became a distributor of promotional products.

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Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: Click through our Employee Spotlights to learn more about our team!

PSI History

In late 1976, Paper Systems Incorporated was founded. L. Curk, one of the three original founders, passed away in October 2020. He will be missed.

Mission Statement

The mission of Paper Systems Incorporated, the management and the employees is to be a company known as a credible supplier, client, customer

PSI Trademarks

Paper Systems Inc. has Four registered trademarks.PSI is an abbreviation of Paper Systems Inc. which is the original and predominant trademark.